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WAFDA High Performance & Sport Development

Guidelines for Financial Assistance to WA Representative Teams and Affiliated Clubs   


This document is to be used as a guide by the WAFDA Executive Committee when considering providing assistance to WAFDA WA Representative Teams or Clubs competing at the elite level or Affiliated Clubs looking for assistance with development initiatives.

Team Assistance

High performance assistance should be restricted only to players competing in the following events:

  • Australian National Championships
  • Australian Youth Nationals
  • Australian Mixed National Championships
  • Australia Youth Mixed Nationals
  • World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC)
  • World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC)
  • Australia Youth Mixed Nationals
  • Singapore Open
  • Manilla Spirits
  • Other Australian Tournament
  • Other Asian Tournament
  • Other International Tournaments

Affiliated Club Assistance

Sport Development assistance should be restricted only to affiliated Clubs seeking to focus on the area of increasing membership and participation in a broader community focused initiative.

All affiliated Clubs and Representative Teams should be aware that the WAFDA has only a limited budget allocated and assistance will be granted only in specific circumstances.
The WAFDA reserves the right to refuse any application should the applicant be unable to reasonably justify the need for the funding.

Definition of a WA Representative Team

A WA Representative Team will be recognised by the WAFDA under the following conditions:

  • A team coach is appointed
  • The team has a selection procedure that includes minimum requirements for selection, timeline for team selection and an appeals process
  • The team advertises via the WAFDA website open training sessions during the selection process
  • The team has a current training roster registered on the AFDA registration system.

Type of Assistance

Assistance can be considered to be of the following:

  1. Financial assistance – direct funding to the team to cover (in part or in full) cover field hire, uniform purchase, travel assistance for a non playing coach, team registration fees or promotion or marketing of your project.
  2. Loans – funding assistance repayable by the team. To be repaid in an agreed term set by the WA Representative Team and the WAFDA Executive.

Application Procedure

The procedure for considering assistance to a high performance team may be instigated by the captain, coach or manager of a WA representative team, or the WAFDA Executive.

  1. A notification of intent to apply can be sent to the WAFDA Treasurer prior to booking any fields or committing to any purchases on behalf of the team.
  2. The applying team will be required to make a written submission to the WAFDA Treasurer addressing the Assessment Criteria
  3. Application approval shall be by majority vote by the WAFDA Executive Committee
  4. If applicable the team captain, coach or manager must sign a WAFDA Loan Agreement
  5. If applicable the team captain, coach or manager must sign a WAFDA Funding Agreement
  6. Funding will be in the form of a cheque or electronic funds transfer
  7. Funding will not be transferred to any personal bank account. Official Club bank accounts, direct payment to the uniform supplier, field providers or direct payment to tournament host are acceptable.
  8. In the case where funding is approved for a non-playing coach, an electronic transfer or cheque made payable to the approved individual will be an acceptable method of payment. A copy of the approved individuals’ flight itinerary will be supplied as proof of purchase.
  9. Preference is given to a loan rather than direct financial assistance.
  10. Preference is given to joint applications such as fields being hired for multiple teams or being used for multiple events.

Assessment Criteria

The following criteria will be assessed when considering any application:

  • Team/Club financial situation
  • Sponsorship/Outside funding opportunities
  • Other fundraising ventures
  • Team/Club contribution to the WAFDA
  • Team/Club contribution to Ultimate
  • Team/Club ability or perceived team performance
  • Previous loan or funding history


  • Financial assistance should be used only for team registration fees, promotional materials, field hire, uniform purchase or travel assistance for a non-playing coach or other costs deemed acceptable by the WAFDA.
  • Under no circumstances shall direct financial assistance be provided without receipts
  • Direct financial assistance shall be limited to a maximum of $300 for any WA Representative team or Affiliated Club per financial year.
  • Loans shall be limited to a maximum of $500 for any team per financial year


The application will be reviewed by the WAFDA Executive Committee and a decision will be made within two (2) weeks from receipt of application or at the next WAFDA Committee meeting (whichever occurs first).

Failure to Repay Loans

WA Representative Teams that enter into a Loan agreement and fail to repay their loan, without reasonable explanation, shall be ineligible to participate in further WAFDA events until the account is settled.
This is applicable to all individuals who are listed on the finalised playing roster for the WA Representative team.

Appeals Procedure

The team may appeal against a ruling by the WAFDA Executive Committee.

  • Any appeals must be received in writing
  • Any appeal will then go to a vote by an appointed Sub-Committee
  • A Sub-Committee of the WAFDA Committee shall be convened to review the application for WA Representative team assistance
  • The Sub-Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, and one (1) other member of the WAFDA Executive Committee, and two (2) members of the WAFDA General Committee
  • Any Sub-Committee member must declare any conflicts of interest and be replaced, where possible, by a WAFDA Committee member.
  • Members of the Sub-Committee will be assigned by full vote of the WAFDA Committee

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