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PUL 68


Reminder League fees are set at $700 per team. Payments will ONLY be accepted as a team payment
via EFT. Example: A team with 10 players will need to pay one payment.

This can be done via EFT before round three (23rd January 2019). There is a late fee of $75 per team
if this payment is not made by the due date. 
Please note the following requirements in regards to entering a league team:
 All teams must assign a Captain on the registration system
 All teams must assign a Spirit Captain on the registration system
 Teams may appoint an ADMIN role on the registration system to be the contact for team payments
 Minimum roster of 9 players
 Rules knowledge: All teams must have at least one (1) player with advanced rules accreditation and at least four (4) team members with standard rules accreditation.
Proof to be submitted to the League Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) by week three, 23rd January 2018.

EFT details are as follows:
Bank Account Details
Account Name: WA Flying Disc Association
Account BSB: 306-031
Account Number: 419873-3

Players who join after round three will need to make payment arrangements with the WA Ultimate Treasurer.
Juniors: All players under the age of 18 at the time of league registration eligible for a $10

League rules are available here. Frequently asked questions section can be found here. All enquires to be directed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Report your scores in the correct score reporting area by the Friday after the game. 

Score reporting Division 1

Score reporting Division 2

Teams that fail to heed warnings will receive a fee for failure to submit reports.



  Team Game Points Disrespect Points Total Points
Peacock Flounders      
2 Ducks      
3 Disc Graceful      
4  Huck Chasers      




  Team Game Points Disrespect Points Total Points
1 Cultivate      
2 Moon Doggies      
3 Snatch      
4 Disco Inferno      
5 Fear the Wolf      


Round Date Time Field 1
Field 2 Field 3 Field 4   


9th January (grading)

Cultivate (5) vs. Disc Graceful (11)

Dadgaunians (11) vs. Fear the Wolf (5) Disco Inferno (5) vs. Ducks (13)  
7:20 Huck Chasers (7) vs. Peacock Flounders (12) Moon Doggies vs. Snatch    


 16th January (grading)


 Peacock Flounders (9) vs. Ducks (2)

 Huck Chasers (9) vs. Moon Doggies (9)  Fear the Wolf (1) vs. Cultivate (15)  
7:20  Disc Graceful (8) vs. Dadgaunians (7)  Disco Inferno (8) vs. Snatch (7)    
3 23rd January


Dadgaunians vs. Peacock Flounders Fear the Wolf vs. Snatch    


Ducks vs. Discgraceful Disco Inferno vs. Cultivate    


Huck Chasers Moon Doggies    


30th January 6:10 Huck Chasers vs. Ducks Moon Doggies vs. Disco Inferno    
7:20 Discgraceful vs. Dadgaunians Cultivate vs. Fear the Wolf    
BYE Peacock Flounders Snatch    
5 6th February 6:10 Discgraceful vs. Peacock Flounders Cultivate vs. Snatch    
7:20 Huck Chasers vs. Dadgaunians Moon Doggies vs. Fear the Wolf    
BYE Ducks Disco Inferno    

13th February

6:10 Dadgaunians vs. Ducks Fear the Wolf vs. Disco Inferno    
7:20 Peacock Flounders vs. Huck Chasers Snatch vs. Moon Doggies    
BYE Discgraceful Cultivate    
7 20th February 6:10 Huck Chasers vs. Discgraceful Moon Doggies vs. Cultivate    
7:20 Ducks vs. Peacock Flounders Disco Inferno vs. Snatch    
BYE Dadgaunians Fear the Wolf    
8 27th February 6:10 Div 1 2nd vs. 4th Div 2 2nd vs. 4th    
7:20 Div 1 3rd vs. 5th Div 2 3rd vs. 5th    
BYE Div 1 1st Div 2 1st    
9 6th March 6:10 Div 1 2nd vs. 5th  Div 2 2nd vs. 5th     
7:20 Div 1 1st vs. 4th Div 2 1st vs. 4th    
BYE Div 1 3rd Div 2 3rd    


13th March   6:10 Div 1 1st vs. 5th Div 2 1st vs. 5th    
7:20 Div 1 3rd vs. 4th Div 2 3rd vs. 4th    
BYE Div 1 2nd  Div 2 2nd     


20th March (Finals)
6:10 Div 1 Final Ranking 1st vs. 2nd Div 1 Final Ranking 3rd vs. 4th    
7:20 Div 2 Final Ranking 1st vs. 2nd Div 2 Final Ranking 3rd vs. 4th    
  Div 1&2 Fifth Ranking Team      



WA Ultimate Discs are available for purchase!
$20 a disc 

Contact Us

Postal Address:
PO Box 222

Street Address:
McGilvray Road
Mount Claremont WA 6010
(located within the UWA Tennis Club)

E-mail: contact@waultimate.com
Phone: 0434 370 954

How To Register

Not sure how to register for a league or event? Forgot your password?

Visit our handy hints page here.

Comprehensive information guide on our leagues here.

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