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WAFDA Award Winners 2021

At the wrap up to the Santa's Hat tournament on Sunday the 19th of December, the 2021 WAFDA Awards were presented to a worthy crew of winners. For those who couldn't make it, here are your winners and the details behind their nominations:

  • Administrator of the Year - Curtis Novacsek

    • Always organised, handled issues with a can do attitude and a quick response time. A lovely person in general in a crisis, even when under the pump. Always in the background helping even if he isn't the main face of a tournament. The Witch's Hat ran smoothly because of him, even after curve balls were thrown at him. Spending many extra hours outside of frisbee doing everything he can for the community. 
  • Tournament of the Year - Phoenix Has Risen (Hosts: Murdoch Ultimate Club)

    • Phoenix this year was well attended, well organised and got a bunch of positive feedback.
  • Male Rookie of the Year - Shev Dias

    • Played in U22s and UWA Mixed Team. Shev was the U22s Most Improved Player and is a passionate and coachable athlete. He has come from being a completely new player to a huge on field threat both offensively and defensively, and is primed to make a huge impact in coming years.
  • Female Rookie of the Year - Emily Parkinson

    • Played U22s and UWA Mixed (where she was awarded the Coaches' Award), as well as Indoor Championships, two Seasons of PUL and Marlow Street League. Emily has a real drive to improve and devours information. She actively seeks out different ultimate experiences and approaches high level players to improve her abilities. Emily puts all this together with a lot of work outside trainings and the results are showing on the pitch.
  • Female Athlete of the Year - Bre Gatt

    • Bre continually puts 110% effort in no matter which team she is playing on and works on improving all the time. Bre has used her determination to continually make players with more experience work their hardest and is a lynchpin on any team she's playing with.
  • Male Athlete of the Year - Leighton Cotter

    • MVP of Phoenix, Regionals and Beach. A core player for his club not only in terms of skill but as a font of knowledge on all things Ultimate.
  • Club of the Year - Marlow St. Ultimate Club

    • Marlow St has gone from scratch to 3 seasons of running a new league which helps bridge the gap between social and PUL. They've recently started a single gender initiative to continue developing their players. Meanwhile, on the field they won spirit in their first ever tournament and backed that up with another spirit win at PUL 78, showing their great commitment to keeping the Spirit of the Game alive. 
  • Coach of the Year - Ali Lim

    • Ali did an amazing job with her second year as Bullseye's women's coach, after founding the program in 2020. 2021 was a turbulent year, yet Ali managed to not only consolidate the Bullseye women's team, but go from strength to strength, developing new leaders in the sport. One such example is Serena Ho, who captained the 2021 women's team, and went on to coach the Bullseye Mixed 2021 team, all stemming from Ali's leadership and guidance. Ali has put on coaching clinics and is so passionate about building a team from the ground up, starting with culture and ending with performance. She also led the negotiations for Bullseye creating a paid coaching position, and so going forward all our campaign coaches will not only have their flights and Nationals experiences covered, they will receive an actual salary from the club. This is a huge step in legitimizing our beloved sport of Ultimate, bringing our national competition to the next level, and it was spearheaded by Ali. We couldn't ask for a better asset to our club, a better coach for our women, and a better friend for our community.
  • Outstanding Service Award - Jonathon Jones

    • Jono Jones is the Vice President of Bullseye, and has been working tirelessly since his appointment to improve ultimate in WA. Dedicated to grassroots development - From the second Jono was appointed VP, he pushed Bullseye to develop a youth program. Jono singlehandedly created a relationship with Primal, putting Bullseye mentors into two youth teams, developing and fostering relationships with kids who had never played a level higher than their school teams. Jono worked with Ben Gaudin to completely overhaul the Shenton College program, working with school administrators and coaches to coach dozens of high school kids for their interschool program. Jono built an entire website, re-wrote our constitution, and developed codes and policies to ensure Bullseye was youth-friendly, and has entered the Bullseye Youth team into Marlow St League. Jono is also liaising with Tipman Wong, the Thunder 2022 coach, and is working to develop WA-based Thunder hopefuls. Fosters Spirit of the Game - As well as all of the above, Jono is the voice of spirit in every Bullseye conversation. His calm head and kind demeanor prevail in every situation, and he has led multiple Bullseye campaigns in mindfulness training, focused specifically on working to improve the players' ability to be present in the moment and to be able to appreciate the perspective of other players. Commitment to increasing participation - As in the development section, Jono works tirelessly to build participation from youths and uni students, working not only with high school-age kids, but with UWA students as well. Carried out a task for the good of the sport - Conceptualising and implementing the Bullseye Youth Program. Volunteered for 5+ years. Jono has been a Bullseye volunteer since the beginning of 2017, his first year at Bullseye. He has been VP for 2.5 years, and has increased how much he does for the club every year. Ambassador? - Clearly. At Shenton, at UWA, at youth, and at Marlow St. 

WAFDA congratulates all of the winners, a great bunch of players and volunteers for disc sport in WA.

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