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Alternative National Championships Wrap Up

The 2021 Alternative Nationals has been run and won! 110 players across seven teams competed in this year's event at UWA Sports Park.

 Congratulations to Sublime Ultimate Club's Division 1 team on taking the championship title in the Open division and Kaos Ultimate Club team taking honours in the Women's division.

Final Standings

Open Division:
1. Bronze Bullseye Men
2. Sublime Ultimate Club I
3. Sublime Ultimate Club II

Women's Division:
1. Kaos Ultimate Club
3. Bronze Bullseye Women's

All game results can be viewed here.

All of the Open teams Finished the day with a spirit score of 10 making it a three-way tie for the Spirit of the Game award and Kaos Ultimate Club were awarded the Spirit of the Game award in the women's division.

SOTG Final Standings

Open Division:
1. Bronze Bullseye Men's (10)
2. Sublime Ultimate Club (10)
3. Sublime Ultimate Club II (10)

Women's Division:
1. Kaos (11)
2. SOAK (10.5)
3. Bronze Bullseye Women's (10)

All Spirit scores can be viewed here.

MVP in the women's division was Cate Lansdel (SOAK) and in the open division, Wesley Podmore (Sublime Ultimate Club II)

AlterNats MVP

Massive thank you to the volunteer team; Andrew, Alistair and Tahli. To the Covid Co-ordinator and Spirit Director; Siobhan and Kristofer and to the Tournament Director Matthew Streatfield with support from Curtis Novacsek (WAFDA Events Coordinator).

All photos from the event can be found here.


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