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Hosting an event

An Expression of Interest (EOI) must be received before midnight (Australian Western Standard Time) on the closing date advertised.

It should be sent to the WAFDA Events Coordinator via email (preferably in word document or PDF), and may include images as attachments.


EOI Submissions need to include the following:

  • The host club/individual name
  • The TD name (if different to above)
  • The proposed location (number of fields, map)
  • Any relevant hosting experience
  • Relevant contact details
  • A COVID Coordinator must be identified
  • Anything else that you feel will help your case

The Host

The EOI should include the full legal names, ABN (if applicable), and address details of the Host.

The Tournament Director

The Tournament Director (TD) will be responsible for delivering the event.

EOI Submissions need to include the following:

  • The host club/individual name
  • The TD name (if different to above)
  • The proposed location (number of fields, map)
  • Any relevant hosting experience
  • Relevant contact details
  • A COVID Coordinator must be identified
  • Anything else that you feel will help your case

The successful Host will be notified by the Events Officer within 5 days of the EOI submission closing date.
The WAFDA will provide the Host with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Tournament Specific Guidelines

Western Regionals, Phoenix Has Risen and The Witch's Hat are WAFDA sanctioned events and are subject to guidelines and minimum standards. Please visit each tournament page for more information.

The following is a list of areas of consideration and tips to assist your hosting responsibilities if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact the WAFDA Events Director.

Preparing the Bid

  • Do you have a reliable Tournament Organising Committee (Key Volunteers)
  • Submit the bid to the Event Officer by the deadline.

Before the tournament

  • Read and sign the Memorandum of Understanding relating to your tournament.
  • Set up an AFDA Registration Page
  • Prepare an article to promote your event via the website and official mailing list to the WAFDA Communications Officer.
  • Continue to verbally promote your event at leagues and to club contacts.
  • Are you arranging a tournament function or party?
  • Keep in contact with any suppliers to ensure your orders are on track.
  • Provide any updates, changes to the Events Officer or Communications Officer to ensure website articles are relevant and correct.
  • Visit your venue, check the fields and facilities.
  • Do you have or need access to power?
  • Check with your field provider that you have the correct keys to access the toilets, clubrooms, lights if applicable.
  • Can you access running water?
  • Do you have enough fruit?
  • Where will you store perishable items?
  • Have you got discs fit for gameplay?
  • Have you made arrangements to collect any WAFDA owned items needed for your tournament; Shade tents, "Play Ultimate" banners, water drums or discs.
  • Have you contacted team captains with the draw, meeting times, competition-specific rules, when and how to pay?
  • Are your fixtures complete and advertised?
  • Is the draw fair and does it offer value for money with the number of games on offer?
  • Arranged all prizes required for the event?
  • Have you got enough team folders and spare pens?
  • Printed enough rosters, score/spirit sheets, evaluation forms, competition rules and tournament schedules?

During the event

  • Check the fields before gameplay for hazards.
  • Advising players of who to direct enquiries to during the event?
  • Procedure for notifying players of game start and finishing times?
  • Procedure for refilling water drums, transporting full water drums to each field?
  • Procedure for setting and packing up shade tents?
  • Do you have extra toilet paper for toilets or rubbish bags?
  • What is your back plan if something runs out (food/drink/stocks)?
  • Advise Captains where to hand in score sheets.
  • Who will be timekeeping?
  • Rubbish storage and removal?
  • Procedure for conducting the awards presentation?
  • Do you need to arrange change/money float?
  • Where/How will you store money collected at the fields?
  • What is the procedure for extreme weather conditions?

Additional Resources

For more information check the AFDA Tournament Resource section for tips on hosting events.

After the Event

  • Are the fields left in an appropriate manner?
  • Has all WAFDA equipment been returned?
  • Are any damaged items reported?
  • Have all teams completed an evaluation form?
  • Have you advised final playing numbers to the WAFDA Treasurer?
  • Have you prepared and submitted a tournament report within 30 days of your event?
  • Have you returned any keys to your field provider?
  • Have you settled all accounts relating to your event?

Event-Based Fees

All events are subject to State and National Event-Based Fees (EBF). These fees allow the host access to the WAFDA's resources as well as insurance coverage. The Host is responsible for the collection and payment of these fees.


WAFDA resources include:

  • Water Drums
  • Port-A-Fields
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Shade Tents
  • Sunscreen
  • Eski
  • Trolley
  • Scoreboards
  • Cones
  • Discount purchase of Association Discs
  • Electronic logos for promotion
  • Awards for the Champion Team (excluding Witch's Hat)
  • Awards for Most Valuable Players (excluding Witch's Hat)
  • Advertising onwww.waultimate.com
  • Advertising through the wafda-announce monthly e-newsletter


  • Tournament report to be submitted to the executive committee within thirty (30) days of the tournament completion date. Tournament Report template to be provided by WAFDA Events Officer. Specifically to record any recommendations and general feedback.
  • A tournament evaluation form to be completed by participants. Minimum one per team. The tournament evaluation template will be provided by the WAFDA Events Officer.
  • It is required that you write a general tournament article, a small paragraph (approx 200 words). This paragraph may be used by the WAFDA to include on the Association’s web site, newsletter, annual report, or further assessments of tournament hosting guidelines.

Assessment Process

Bids will be assessed by the WAFDA Events Officer and Executive Committee in the following areas:

  • Applicant meeting the deadline for submission
  • Host experience and relevant qualifications
  • Preference is given to the WAFDA affiliated clubs

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