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Game Support Roles

Game Support

Self-officiation is a key element of Ultimate, and Game Advisors and Line Assistants can be a useful tool to assist players to self-officiate as best as possible and to help better present the game for spectators. Ultimate Australia continues to invest in increasing the number of people who are able to undertake this role so that all key events in Australia can include Game Advisors and Line Assistants.
Having dedicated game support roles makes it simpler for players to seek that advice and be confident that someone was actually watching the incident. Players remain responsible for making and resolving all game calls.

Guiding Principles for Game Support Roles

  • Spirit Of The Game: the fundamental role of any game support official is to help players uphold Spirit of the Game.
  • The Game Belongs to the Players: Managing and conducting the game is primarily the players’ responsibility, and the outcome of a game should be decided by their actions, not those of Game Officials.

The goals of the Game Support System includes:

  • Improve the experience for spectators - and improve the chances that filmed games are presented in a manner that showcases the best aspects of self-officiated Ultimate.
  • Provide a consistent approach to handling dangerous play and other conduct problems.
  • Create a system for players where playing games with and without officials is as similar as possible.
  • Create a system that enhances ongoing efforts to improve player education on rules and Spirit of the Game (SOTG), and includes peer SOTG feedback as a well-defined element of the overall structure.

You can learn more about game support roles including how to get involved by exploring these links:

GA Infographic 2020 v1

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