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Return to Sport Clearance PUL 76

We thank everyone for their patience and support as we navigate the return to sport conditions. Procedures are evolving daily the following update is for games on WEDNESDAY 28th APRIL 2021.

Please be aware that government directives and restrictions will override any planning by our sport.

Return to Community Sport Clearance
We are delighted to announce that have clearance to return to play for the Perth Ultimate League. Please note that there are some modifications in place to see us through the transition phase and by attending the league you are agreeing to do the right thing and follow guidelines in place.

  • Masks are still mandatory EXCEPT when actually playing. If you are on the field running around then your mask is OFF if you are on the sidelines waiting for a substitution or spectating then your mask is ON.
  • No one should be turning up to the fields without their mask on.
  • NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED, Registered players only allowed on site
  • Maintain a physical distance at all times possible.
  • Refrain from high fives and spirit huddles
  • We play, we head straight home.
  • Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise.
  • No sharing of water bottles.
  • If you are unwell DO NOT ATTEND league.
  • If you are not comfortable or cannot adhere to the guidelines DO NOT ATTEND league.

Mask guidelines:

You must wear a mask in public, unless for vigorous outdoor exercise. This applies to all staff, volunteers, officials, and players when not physically playing a match.

  • Masks must be worn UNLESS you are actively playing.
  • Masks can be removed if you are actively warming up - Leave them on if you are just throwing.
  • This means if you are substituting you should put your mask back on as you are not actively playing. Remove to sip water of course.
  • Masks back on as you return to your vehicles

The COVID Management Plan for the Perth Ultimate League can be found here:  https://afda.com/p/pul-76-covid-management-plan 

Transition Restrictions
Perth and Peel will enter into a post-lockdown transition period from 12:01 am April 27th until 12.01 am, Saturday 1st May. 
You must wear a mask in public, unless for vigorous outdoor exercise. This means that masks must be worn at all times when you are not playing or training. That includes volunteers, umpires, and players when not physically playing a match or training.

We do recommend you read through the information at the following link so you feel entirely comfortable with the restrictions:

COVID Coordinators on site are:

  • Ben Bastion (League Director)
  • Anna Haynes (WA Ultimate Representative)

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E-mail: contact@waultimate.com


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