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WA Roadmap to Easing COVID-19 Restrictions - Phase 3

Where do we go from here?

With the latest State Government announcement to further ease the COVID-19 restrictions (to Phase 3) from Saturday 6 June 2020 based on the advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee and the WA Department of Health please see the following information for what this means for your club and the steps you will need to do prior to progressing into Phase 3. 

Although we do understand that you’re all excited to be able to open and be able to really start operating like a club and building the club culture again please do read through the guidelines thoroughly to ensure that you have the resources to be compliant with your COVID “Return to Play” Plans guidelines. 

If you do have concerns or don’t feel like your club will be able to adhere to the guidelines WA Ultimate will support your club staying closed at this time. 

WA Ultimate have created a COVID-19 Training Plan and Checklist to assist a club running training games to minimise the time that players are in close contact. This includes assessing your venue for its access to handwashing facilities and reviewing sessions. 

WA Ultimate recognises that individual local government authorities will have requirements to complete in regards to access venues and facilities. Clubs are welcome to submit those COVID Safe Plans in lieu of the WA Ultimate version, there is no need to submit multiple versions if all areas of the guidelines are covered. 

WA Ultimate requires that all clubs complete the COVID-19 Training Plan and Checklist (or equivalent) and submit this to the WA Ultimate executive (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) prior to recommencing club activities. If your club's training plan changes you are requested to update the WA Ultimate executive with regards to your plans. 

Please note, if you are not planning to resume training/other activities, the Executive Committee would like to be informed so we can have an understanding of where your club is at and can officially record all known active playing groups. 

For stage 3 WA Ultimate recommends that club training is able to resume as per the guidelines. However, clubs should be training as part of their club and not cross training with other clubs. WA Ultimate recommends that new players (not previously part of the club) are not brought in for training as a way to mitigate risk. Any form of casual pick up is not recommended and will not be endorsed or recognised by WA Ultimate.

The return of Perth Ultimate League and future WA tournament plans are continuing to be reviewed and the WA Ultimate executive are currently engaging with UWA Sports Park to establish guidelines and time frames to bring back the Perth Ultimate League. Perth Ultimate League will be brought back as soon as practicable for the vendor and WA Ultimate, provided that all appropriate State and Local Government regulations are adhered to. 

We will be hosting a Q&A session with the WA Ultimate Executive Committee to help clarify the restrictions and answer any questions you have on Wednesday 10th of June at 7pm. 


This session will be geared towards organisers of an ultimate group i.e. clubs, leagues, and any one else who wants to know how to work through your assessment for a return to play process and discuss any plans or concerns.

COVID Safety Guidelines – Sport and Recreation

Phase 3, Version 1.0

6 June 2020




When can we commence training and games?

From June 6 should your local council approve field use and you have submitted your COVID-19 Training Plan and Checklist (or equivalent) to WA Ultimate you can start to run sessions again for up as per Phase 3 guidelines.

  • Comply with limits

  • Maintain records of patrons for the purposes of contact tracing

  • Carefully manage shared spaces to ensure physical distancing where possible

  • Clean shared equipment between each use

  • Spitting and clearing of nasal/ respiratory secretions on ovals or other sport settings is strongly discouraged. 

  • Do not share towels, water bottles or mouthguards

What happens if one of our players is diagnosed/suspected to have COVID-19?

You should immediately notify your coach, club president and the WA Ultimate President. Use the documentation you recorded at each training session to notify other players and encourage them to go to their doctor and follow public health directives including self-isolation.

Can we attend multiple sessions run by different clubs?

No, you must stick with the same group during this stage. Do not attend sessions run by other clubs or groups. Train in groups of "known" people - don't allow non-members/strangers to join in.

Can we play a game of Ultimate?

As of June 6 you can return to play including games of Ultimate.

When training or playing sport, you can share equipment provided it is cleaned between each use. Continue to encourage patrons to bring their own equipment. 

Who can we talk to if we are unsure about what we can/cannot do?

Speak with your club president or the WA Ultimate President or RSVP to the online information session here https://forms.gle/82dZVsaUG6Y6VW3q6 

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