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2022 Primary Schools Championships

2022 saw the first ever Primary Schools Ultimate Championships held.


The event, held at Yokine Reserve, was a great result for the sport with Carmel School, St Andrews Catholic Primary School and Woodlands Primary School all taking part in the inaugural event.


The day was filled with fun and skill with over 100 students taking part. The smiles on their faces were priceless as they battled it out for the title. As well as the great skill on display, fantastic sportsmanship was brimming on the surface as a key ingredient of what the sport is all about.


Teams met at the end of each game to discuss how the game progressed and rated each other on the Spirit shown across five categories: 


  • Rules Knowledge and Use
  • Fouls and Body Contact
  • Fair-Mindedness
  • Positive Attitude and Self Control
  • Communication


The final scoring for Spirit could have easily seen any of the 3 schools take out the award but by a whisker St Andrew’s was declared the winner.


The 5-a-side format provided plenty of entertainment and fast-paced games to be had, with a few close score lines and the Longest Throw competition kept all the students busy during their bye.


It is hoped that this event will be the catalyst for an annual tournament which we hope will grow in time.

Final results for the day where:

Gold Medal: Woodlands Primary School 1

Silver Medal: St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School

Bronze Medal: Woodlands Primary School 2


Spirit: St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School


Longest Throw Winners

Year 5 Boys: Phoenix Moore, Woodlands Primary School

Year 5 Girls: Eve Mellody, Woodlands Primary School

Year 6 Boys: Tom Wundke, Woodlands Primary School

Year 6 Girls: Yasmine Klous, Woodlands Primary School

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