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2017 WCBU - West Australian Perspective

The WCBU2017 - World Championships of Beach Ultimate were held in Royan, France from the 18-25 June 2017. There were several West Australian athletes representing Australia at this competition!

It was a tough 6 days of competition, some 40 degree temperatures and blustery winds chasing plastic on sand!

So who were they?

Mixed Team: "The Mud Crabs"
Australian Mud Crabs Mixed Beach Ultimate Team
Jodie Palmer (Head Coach)
Steph Maher
Ryan Kelly

Women's Team: "The Platypi"
Australian Platypi Women's Beach Ultimate Team
Ebony Taylor
Shani Cobb

Men's Team: "The Reef Sharks"
Australian Reef Sharks Men's Beach Ultimate Team
Kyal Oh (captain)

Women’s Masters Team: "The Irukandjis"
Australian Irukandjis Women's Masters Beach Ultimate Team
John Damiani (Head Coach)
Geri Daube
MJ Rigby
Minh Huynh
Sabrina Moro

How did they go?

Women (Platypi)  11th/16

Mixed (Mud Crabs)  25th/32

Men (Reef Sharks) 7th/23

Masters Women (Irukandjis) BRONZE MEDALLISTS 3rd/12

Masters Men (Wobbegongs)  5th/14

All the results can be found here: http://live.wcbu2017.org/schedule

You can check out the tournament player stats here: http://live.wcbu2017.org/player-stats

you can even catch some of the games that were live streamed here: http://live.wcbu2017.org/

Some thoughts from our WA representatives;

"Beach world's was an amazing experience. All the Australian players were super nice and the old hats welcomed the newbies with open arms. Playing my first world's was a real eye opener: the level of training you do preceding the event never really quite prepares you for the grit and determination you need to leave out on the sand.  My team, Irukandjis gelled really quickly as a team, worked hard for each other both on the sand, side line and off the field. I really had a blast and am hoping to build on this experience by playing for Australia again in the near future." - Sabrina Moro

"As a first time Aussie rep it was a truly fantastic experience. From the selection camp, beach sessions, training camps, the first hit out on France it was a well organised campaign. I'll never forget the feeling of pride, the honour and the privilege of walking as part of Team Australia for the opening ceremony. Beach Ultimate is challenging mentally and physically but highly satisfying to be competing at the world stage against the best beach players from many, many countries. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!" - Geri Daube

"Every world championship i've been to has been full of excitement and anticipation from everyone involved. No matter how prepared i think i am, i'm always blown away by the level of competition. Getting to captain a side at a world championships was a challenge that i was eager to take on. The first three days of competition was tough!.. the heatwave was absolutely exhuasting people. The highlight for me at every tournament is the team time; getting to be immersed in such a great culture and environment full of fun and high quality play. I think it's something that everyone should work hard toward to experience one day" - Kyal Oh

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