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Indoor Championships

The WA State Indoor Championships are held on Full-sized basketball courts, with lots of space for running, tactics, blades, every throw you would/wouldn't think to do with the rain and wind outside in winter, in a 3M/2F gender format. This event will be hosted by WA Ultimate events team.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tournament Specific Rules


The WA State Indoor Championships is a mixed gender indoor tournament held annually. In most cases the lateest edition of the official WFDF rules are in play with the following modifications. This format will provide a faster paced game, quality playing time for each game and promote the unique aspects of Indoor Ultimate.


  1. Teams and players must be registered via the AFDA website (www.afda.com) online registration system.
  2. All players must be registered and paid for prior to commencing play.


  • Fees are set by the tournament host and approved by the WAFDA Executive Committee.
  • The host is responsible for the collection of all fees applicable to the tournament.



  • Must wear shoes that do not mark or damage the playing surface.
  • Must not wear uncovered jewellery.
  • Must not wear watches.


Each game consists of two 12-minute halves. Disc toss will determine who starts on Offense/Defense and the starting end. A pull is used to start each half only. Teams mirror start after halftime.
Games must start and finish at their scheduled times, it is etiquette to clear the court as soon as possible at the conclusion of your game to allow for a streamline schedule and all games can run uninterrupted.

Gender Ratio
During each point, each team may only play with:
1.    Three (3) male players and two (2) female players, or three (3) female players and two (2) male players.  
2.    If teams wish to play with a gender split outside of these Tournament Rules, the changes must be agreed on by the captains before the start of the game.

Subbing is done on the fly with rolling substitutions (ice hockey-style). The player entering the field must remain out of bounds until the player leaving has slapped his/her hand, at which time the leaving player is out and must remain out of bounds.
Substitutions are allowed any time players without the disc. An active player must leave the court completely before their substituting team mate takes the court. All substitutions must occur within the designated subbing area.
You may only substitute with another player of the same gender.

Pulls can be any throw (i.e. they do not have to be upside down).  If the disc hits a net or goes out of bounds, there is no brick, but the disc may be walked up to the goal line (at the spot closest to where the disc hit the net or went out).  Once a pull has hit the net, it is treated as if it has hit the ground. If the offense catches the pull in the air, they must put it into play where they stand (or at the closest spot if they caught it out of bounds).  Catching a pull off the net/wall is treated as an OB pull and may be walked up to the goal line.

End of half
If the disc is in the air when the clock expires at the end of any half, the half ends when this pass is resolved (i.e. the disc is caught, intercepted, or hits the floor or out of bounds area). If the disc is not in the air when the clock expires, the half is over as soon as the clock expires.

End of Game
For round robin play ONLY. Same rulings as per end of half IF it is a draw at the full time siren then a winner is determined in this manner:

  • At the full time siren only TWO more passes maximum can be played. If a goal is scored within the two passes it will stand and the winner is determined.

  • If a goal is not scored in this time the team that is legally in possession of the disc shall be awarded a goal and the winner is determined.

When a team scores, the scoring player puts the disc on the ground at the location where they caught the goal (their first point of contact in the end zone). Offense becomes defense and vice versa, there is no switching ends or pulling to start the next point.
If the disc ends up at a different spot, it should be moved back to the spot of the goal.  The other team puts the disc into play going the other way, as if it were a turnover in the end zone (play where it lies or walk to goal line).

Field of Play
The field area is the area inside the perimeter of the court, as defined by the pre-existing lines of the basketball court. The lines, walls and nets around the playing field are considered to be out of bounds. If a disc makes contact with any walls or nets around the playing field while it is not in anyone’s possession, it is a turnover and the defending team assumes possession at a point closest to where the contact was made.

Some gyms have stationary basketball hoops, not to mention ceilings and walls. Unfortunately we have to overcome these obstacles and play around them. If the disc touches any of these obstacles it results in a turnover, even if the flight of the disc is not affected. The disc will be taken from the closest in-bounds position (excluding end zones) where the interference happened.

With shorter, fast paced games and unlimited rolling substitutions there will not be time outs allocated for Indoor events.

Stall Count
The stall count goes from 1 to 7. A player is stalled when the defender says the S in "seven". If there is a contested stall, play resumes with the stall count at 5 ("stalling 5"). All stall counts, initiated or re-initiated, begin with the word "stalling".

A pick is when a player cuts off another player resulting in a completed pass that could have otherwise been blocked. An indoor court is much more crowded and compact so picks happen very frequently. Because of this there are no “Picks” in indoor Ultimate.

Restarting Play
In general, all players are encouraged to restart play as quickly as possible.  When safety is a concern (e.g. injured player on field, or if a sharp or hard object presents a threat), restarting play takes a back seat, but in all other situations, it is the responsibility of both teams to put the disc into play.  Here are some basic guidelines:

  • After a score or turnover, the team now on offense should restart play within ten seconds (unless it goes out of the play area or gets stuck in the net) and always as quickly as reasonably possible. Marker may warn "delay of game" and begin stalling if offense does not put disc in play in a timely manner. (This is as if the O player is standing over the disc in normal rules.)

  • On normal stoppages (travel, fouled thrower on incomplete pass), play should be restarted as soon as both teams are ready and in position.  Offense should not delay putting the disc into play by (e.g.) having the thrower put the disc behind their back and call a play.  Again, marker may warn "delay of game" if this occurs.

Ladder Points
Teams shall be awarded Ladder Points as per the following structure:
•    Win – Two (2) points
•    Loss – Zero (0) points

Tournament Ladder
The Tournament Ladder will rank teams based on the following:
•    Ladder Points
•    Points For minus Points Against
•    Points For
•    Head to head
•    Disc Flip

Semi Finals - When the game is completed per the game conditions, if scores are tied then teams play one more point to establish a winner.
Grand Final - When time cap is reached the current point is completed then one (1) point is added to the highest score to establish a ‘Win by 1’ target and play to the ‘Win by 1’ target.

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