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Santa's Hat

Santa's Hat

  • Sanat’s Hat runs in the format of a Hat tournament.
  • Players must indicate his/her experience level upon registration and teams are drawn to spread the experience as evenly as possible among all teams.
  • The Santa’s Hat is a mixed-gender tournament.
  • The Santa's Hat is held in December.
  • The Santa's Hat will specify a charitable organisation to collect donations on behalf of
  • Participants must include a donation item as part of their registration

Hat tournaments are common on the Ultimate scene. They are tournaments where players join individually rather than as a team. The tournament organisers form teams by randomly taking the names of the participants from a "hat". Teams are pulled out of a 'hat' but are balanced so that there is a range of players from beginners just starting to play through to experienced Ultimate players.

Hat tournaments have a strong emphasis on having fun and meeting other players. Players of all levels take part in such events from world-class players to complete beginners. Hat tournaments often have a theme and the Santa's Hat is no different, this event falls in December giving a Christmas/Holiday Season theme for participants.

Santa’s Hat Rules of Play


  • Hat Style 5-a-side (format may be altered based on final registration numbers)
  • Individual registration format, your name goes into the “hat” and teams are selected randomly.
  • Field size will be adjusted to suit team numbers.
  • Games are timed hard and fast when the siren goes the game is OVER. Do not finish the point, do not pass go. Shake hands/Elbow bump, quick Spirit circle and then move on to your next game.

Standard Ultimate rules of play will apply except there will be some way to earn extra points when you score. Only one of these special rules are in play for any point – no combining for mega scores.
Example: You can score two (2) points from a Naughty OR a successful Christmas Tree point. You will not get four (4) points for a Naughty score during the pre-called Christmas Tree point.

  • Christmas Tree – Each team gets one (1) Christmas Tree point per game. Nominate you're playing your "Christmas Tree" before the start of the point and if your team scores then that goal is worth two (2) points.
  • Rudolph – Each team gets one (1) Rudolph point per game. Nominate the player on your team (before the point starting) who will be Rudolph for that point and if your designated Rudolph catches the score then that goal is worth two (2) points.
  • Santa’s Helper – Each team gets one (1) Santa’s Helper point per game. Nominate the player on your team (before the point starting) who will be the thrower for that point and if your Santa’s Helper throws the score then that goal is worth two (2) points.
  • Mistletoe – Each team gets one (1) Mistletoe point per game. Call “Mistletoe” before the point starting and then whichever team scores the goal (that’s right, it could be the opposition) then that goal is worth two (2) points.
  • The Naughty – any goal scored from an official upside-down throw is worth two (2) points. Valid all game, official upside-down throws included are a Hammer or a Scooba.
  • The Nice – when each member from your team touches the disc (throw or catch) within the same single possession within a point is worth two (2) points. If there is a turnover you must start the chain of contact again. Valid all game.

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