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2017 WAFDA Award Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 WA Flying Disc Association Award Winners.

For the 2017 Edition, it was decided that the annual awards will be presented via our website rather than hosting an awards event.

The Awards were voted upon by WA Ultimate general committee members and overseen by the appointed Executive Committee; Annie Jessop (President), Oliver Berry (Secretary), and Caitlin Bartholomaeus (Treasurer).

Without further ado the winners are:


2017 Club of the Year

Esperance Ultimate Club

2017 Tournament of the Year

Skylab Classic - (Esperance Ultimate Club)

2017 Administrator of the Year

Benoit Lassonde (Esperance Ultimate Club)


2017 Team of the Year



2017 Coach of the Year

Kyal Oh

2017 Female Player of the Year

Shani Webb


2017 Male Player of the Year

Kyal Oh


2017 Female Youth of the Year

Zia Palmer


2017 Male Youth of the Year

Jonothan Jones


2017 Outstanding Service Award

Not Awarded


Previous years award winners can be found here in the WAFDA hall of fame.

If you have any questions about the WAFDA awards, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Esperance Ultimate Club

The Esperance Club has grown in the past year, establishing an significant increase in members and new people trying out. We have approximate 60 members and growing. The club only plays Ultimate during the summer months (February to May and October to December) with Beach Ultimate played during the month of January. The club has held two league tournaments this year (EUL 3 and EUL4), with an average turnout of 50 people per night and 6 registered teams per league. Last year we had 4 teams registered per league with an average attendance of 38.

Our club has a strong governance and committee structure, we hold our AGM in February and meet regularly throughout the year. Within our constitution we established the importance of using social media as an avenue of formalising decision, we do so using a private social media threads via Facebook/messenger. We have a core executive committee and strong committee members that volunteer their time to help develop the growth of Ultimate in our region. One of our main goals is to promote flying disc sports, we believe we constantly achieve this goal by accessing grants and up skilling our members with training. The club is also involved in the community and school holiday programs throughout the year. The committee continue to work towards amending our Constitution before June 2019.

Part of recruitment plan was to better our members, by securing funds from Department of Sport Recreation, we were able to facilitate a level 1 coaching clinic in April to encourage members to better their skills and help with new players. We also invited all the physical education teachers within our district to attend and help spread the knowledge of the sport to the younger generation. Two teachers attended who are not part of the club and by now having 7 accredited, level 1 coaches as members in Esperance, this makes it easier to help develop new players with their skills, thus allowing them to have a better experience and thus returning and becoming a member at a later date. Due to Esperance being a very small remote region with only a population of 15,000 people, the club competes against 109 other clubs. We try to make our membership cost extremely low, not deterring players who already commit to other sporting clubs like Basketball, Football, Netball and Hockey to give it a go. We have calculated the minimum amount to cover our costs of field hire, lights and insurance during league games. We even offer a free BBQ after the end of each season (Feb - Apr and Oct - Dec) to illustrate a social and inclusive approach. We offer three different types of memberships.

  • Ÿ  Full year membership 
  • Ÿ  Half season membership  
  • Ÿ  5 game pass per half season (knowing that some people can't commit to playing every week.)

Obviously we allow trial games (three maximum) for new players to have a go.

Part of achieving our goals within our constitution is by taking part in Esperance school holiday programs to help educate the community of Ultimate and our club. We also take part in the "Have a go day" in May with the local Primary Schools. We have further developed a good relationship with Wongutha CAPS, (Christian Aboriginal Parented School) and they have identified Ultimate as their preferred choice of sport for their students to take part during the off season of Football and Netball. These aboriginal students demonstrate great talent and we look forward to fueling more skills their way in the coming years.  We further promoted to the wider community this year by facilitating three skills sessions in Kalgoorlie, to initiate interest and establish grass roots club. We ran three skills sessions and maintain a strong connection with them and offer support and advice as we can. Kalgoorlie  Boulder City (KBC) have developed a great logo and enough players to get started. Their could be another regional team at the next Phoenix Has Risen Tournament in 2018. 

Our website is updated regularly with everything you need to know about Ultimate in Esperance, its history, our awards, our funny antics and our yearly reports. We use the store option to gain all our members details and post our team photos and clubs attendances and results. We have links to all the major sites and strongly promote our community. Have a look at: esperance.waultimate.com. We even have a gallery of members and visiting players with Esperance Discs overseas dubbed "Where in the World". One of our members made it to Antarctica this year, crazy cool! 

At the current stage, the club only has one representative who has taken part in Under 18 state team and played at the Nationals in July. Koden Cooper is only 13 years of age and doing really well and enjoying the sport. We hope to continue supporting his ambition of playing Ultimate with WA Ultimate. He could not have achieve this without his strong family networks that help with all the long drives to Perth and back. The club hosted a sausage sizzle at our local Bunnings to help fund some of the cost for him to take part at the National competition which he came back with Bronze medal. The club is extremely proud of his achievements thus far.

The Club wishes to attend more WA Ultimate events, however short notices of dates hinders our opportunities to attend as most players require extra leave to compensate for the travel time. This year we have had Esperance players attend the Western Regionals in Margaret River. We had an Esperance Team take part in Mooovin the Groove in Bunbury. We also had a few players take part in the indoor state championship as well as Witches hat in Perth and DUST in Dunsborough. Unfortunately we could not attend Phoenix Has Risen this year. We hold our annual event - Skylab Classic in April and try to make an enjoyable and social event for all players of all abilities, we continue to access grants to make our event as cheap as possible as we understand how much extra costs it is for fuel, accommodation and food when travelling from afar.

We are affiliated with WAFDA and completed the survey this year as required and attended the first club forum, however our connection was very poor to stay for the full meeting. We will try again for the 20/12/2017. The Club has also become affiliated with Esperance District Recreational Association (EDRA) and we pay a yearly fee as well.


The focus of the team going into this campaign was on creating a training environment that was as enjoyable and worthwhile as the tournament experience. Players were encouraged to set goals, try new skills and roles on the field an to extend their playing abilities at every opportunity. Emphasis throughout trainings was on development and extension. This allowed players to try out new things and to experiment with new styles of play eg. overhead throws and other typically higher risk throws were encouraged and experimented by all players as good options when thrown to low risk spaces onfield. The team also experimented with a throw initiated offensive style that allowed us to use our height and athleticism with less running required from downfield players in a hot tournament with few subs. By approaching the campaign with a focus on new skills and ideas, all players were focused on growth and development and there was little difference felt between players of different experience levels. While we were very proud as a club of the team's 4th place finish, the goal of our international campaigns has always been about the opportunity offered to our players to experience different styles of ultimate.

With a short roster (14 players) and a mix of experience levels from players in their first season of ultimate, at their first international tournament, to players with 5-10 years of elite ultimate experience, the team's approach throughout training and the tournament was on developing every individual on the team and relying on the contribution of all 14 players to win games. The 4th place finish was a testament to this approach. All 14 players regardless of their experience level found their ways to demonstrate their improvement and contribute to the team's success.

All players gave positive feedback about their involvement in the campaign and tournament. Two players  (a first year player and an experienced player) shared their experiences on the Kaos website https://kaosultimate.com/2017/09/15/aougcc-2017/

Kaos has a recognisable uniform and logo which has been constant through our nearly ten year history. Our current uniform encompasses our club history in the favourite sayings and slogans printed around the hemline, Aboriginal culture in the dotted background design and the club butterfly logo. We have made a point of sharing our club values and history with new players and our community here https://kaosultimate.com/2017/03/08/we-are-all-a-part-of-something-bigger/. We also have a tradition of "travel shorts" for international tournaments that reflect the country we are playing in. For Hawaii in 2015 this was hibiscus printed shorts, for Manila this time the Kaos AOUGCC team had the Philippines national fruit - the mango - printed on their shorts which ended up being a hot trading commodity.

The team placed 4th in Spirit scores with an average of 12.3. The club publicly acknowledged our commitment to improving spirit and recognised the AOUGCC team for leading the effort with a deliberate team effort to demonstrate strong spirit while representing the club and the country internationally.

13 players on the roster were Perth based players and regular Kaos and WA Ultimate community members. The only non-Perth based player was Rebecca Brereton who was a founding member of Kaos and an active WA Ultimate community member for most of her ultimate career before moving to Victoria in 2015.

Kaos Ultimate Club is very proud of the AOUGCC team's efforts and believe they are worthy contenders for the WA Ultimate Team of the Year Award for 2017.


 Skylab Classic

Skylab Classic 2017 was bigger and better that its inaugural event in 2016. We had an easy online registration form which allowed for individual players to register for the whole weekend, identifying their sporting ability and knowledge for the Hat tournament, if they required a Kanjam partner and if they had any food requirements.

Payment was cash on the day, this prevented any refunds to be made. In the end five people unregistered within days from the event. The first 50 people who registered for both days received a free Skylab disc. All registered participant's received a free Skylab sticker.

To best describe our tournament I'll run down the days format below:

Saturday started at 12:30pm with the State Kanjam Competition; A dress-up comp also intertwined. Each Kanjam team had a polaroid picture taken of them to help identify their team name and pool number as well as to help identify who their opponent was. A big white board was used to list the pool games and tally. Once all the pool games had been played, a knock-out comp started. Using the polaroid's, the wining team photo would move forward into the bracket until the final two teams were identified. Once those two teams were identified, Kanjam stopped and the 9 hole Disc golf challenge to started.

All participants were briefed of the rules of Disc golf and boundaries. Each participant was provided with a disc golf disc. Participants were welcome to use their own or the option of purchasing a brand new pack was also available. The pack included a Driver, mid-range and a putter. All participants organized themselves into their own foursome and a shotgun start was had. All players were provided with a scoring sheet and map of the course.

Once everyone completed the course, everyone returned to the Kanjam set up. The final two teams were provided time to warm up while the rest helped pack down. Lucky Bay Brewing attended the finals selling cold refreshments while the final Kanjam was underway with a best of three format.

Awards and acknowledgements were made shortly afterwards and winners in each category received a key chain. A social event was organized for Saturday evening encouraging all participants to attend Taylor Street Tea Rooms for dinner and drinks. At dinner names were drawn out of a hat, creating the teams for the following days hat tournament.

Sunday started at 9am with three games played before lunch time. Lunch was catered by Subway with wraps and subs on offer. During lunch time, to encourage participants to continue moving around, a hammer throwing competition was set up from the brick mark to wards the endzone using hola-hoops as targets.

Following lunch, a knockout comp was organize to see the top two teams play in the finals. 5 games were played in the day. Lucky Bay Brewing came back again to sell ice cold refreshments during award ceremony. Prizes for MVP male, MVP female were $50 vouchers, special prizes for most spirited player, Hammer comp, best layout, who displayed the most concentration as well as best spirited team and winning team.  We also had a door prize for simply registering and attending the event.

Another social event was organized at The Loose Goose Bar with a couple nibbles platter supplied by the club.

Music was played throughout the weekend, we never ran out of water, hydrolytes or sunscreen. All sponsors were displayed by banners, tear drop flags and  were acknowledged verbally. 75% of the participants were from Esperance Ultimate community. The weather was sensational and the multi function pavilion used acted as a great facility to store equipment, offer shelter, toilets and had tiered seating for the Kanjam finals and awards ceremony.

Feedback surveys states the following:

    94% found they received enough information regarding the events two day format.
    58.8% rated the event extremely organized with the remaining 41.2% stating it was very organized.
    82.4% stated they would return next year.

At $25 for the two days and $15 for single day registration is definitely value for money. A detailed report was provided to WAFDA  to "wrap-up" the overall event with loads of pictures. As a bonus, we ran a Level 1 Coach accreditation course the day before our event, so for those who had the privilege to have more time off, could have taken part in this free opportunity. All those who registered were informed of this opportunity.


Benoit Lassonde

I would like to nominate Benoit Lassonde for WAFDA Administrator of the Year. Ben is club president of EUFC and he is the most passionate ambassador for Ultimate Frisbee that I know! Ben founded EUFC in 2012 And has driven the club from strength to strength, growing and developing every year - leading to EUFC being awarded 2016 WAFDA Club of the Year.

Ben represented EUFC team "The Floppy Discs " at Bunbury's Moovin the Groove tournament earlier this year. He is the heart of the team, running extra training sessions in the lead up and helping the Floppy Discs take out the Spirit of the Game award for the 3rd time at this tournament.

The Floppy Discs were also a finalist in the Horizon Power Sports Star of the Year Award Team Category, following on from Benoit receiving an award at their presentation last year for his service to the sport. He was a special guest speaker at the award night and even rallied a few fellow Ultimate players to demonstrate Kanjam inside the function room.

Ben has lead his committee in running EUFC's second annual SKYLAB CLASSIC, a 2 day tournament comprising of WA's State Kanjam championship, disc golf and a hat tournament. Ben is the driving force behind the event, organising grants and sponsorships, actively advertising the event and recruiting participants through social media, newspaper and radio interviews. He works tirelessly to ensure the weekend is a success.

During early 2017, Ben's job saw him move around for a few months and wherever he went, he took his Frisbee with him. He was an active participant with Bunbury Ultimate while he was there and when he landed in Kalgoorlie they had no Ultimate Frisbee club. Ben held several Have A Go days, and his passion rubbed off - with Kalgoorlie since establishing their own club.

Ben is always working behind the scenes to promote Ultimate Frisbee in Esperance - from setting up fields, running skills sessions every week, volunteering at local schools and community events to spread the word about Ultimate Frisbee and liaising with the local Shire to overcome any issues relating to field hire/lighting charges/etc.

Ben participates in community school holiday programs, promoting Ultimate Frisbee to the next generation with patience and enthusiasm. He undertook his Level 1 Coaching accreditation and is always the first to offer encouragement and advise to all.

A junior member of EUFC- Koden Cooper- represented WA in the U18 state team at the AYUC in Melbourne this year. Ben was not only the person that introduced Koden to the game, he is also one of Koden's biggest supporters- encouraging him to attend he trials, then helping fundraiser to support Koden's trip.

Benoit would be a deserving recipient of the WAFDA 2017 Administrator of the Year for his unrivalled dedication to his club and to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.


Kyal Oh

Kyal has been playing Ultimate since 2009. After his first Australian nationals’ season in 2012 with Sublime Ultimate Club, he has excelled within the sport and is a leader within the Perth ultimate community. After winning the 2016 AFDA player of the year award, Kyal has continued to grow and dominate on the field as a player.

2017 Australian Ultimate Championships (AUC): Kyal co-captained Sublime Ultimate’s AUC team. Kyal was named as the MVP for Sublime, as voted by his peers at their annual awards, claiming his third title after taking out the award in 2014 and 2015. Kyal also finished in 5th place overall MVP for the 2017 AUC.

2017 Australian Beach Ultimate Championships (ABUC): Kyal co-captained the team, Dugongs, who competed at the ABUC, finishing in 5th place. Kyal also finished in equal 3rd place overall MVP for the 2017 ABUC competition.

2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Club Championships (AOUGCC): Kyal once again co-captained Sublime's team this time in Manila at the AOUGCC. Kyal was named as the MVP for the Sublime team, as voted by his peers at their annual awards.

2017 World Beach Ultimate Championships (WBUC): Kyal was selected to represent Australia in the Men's team, the Reef Sharks, who competed in France at the WBUC. Kyal was elected by his team mates as the captain of this team and lead by example on and off the field. This team's hard work helped them reach the quarter finals, finishing in 7th place overall.

2017 Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships (AMUC): Kyal was an integral player-coach of the Sublime team who competed at the 2017 AMUC, who finished in 9th place.

2017 World Games: Kyal was also invited to the selection event for the 2017 Australian World Games team, but did not get selected on the final team.

2016 West Australian Beach Ultimate Championships: Kyal captained the championship winning team at this event who went un-defeated to claim the 2016 state title.

2017 Western Regionals: Kyal co-captained the championship winning team at this event who went un-defeated to claim the 2017 state title.

2017 West Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships: Kyal playing in the second place winning team at this event.

Perth Ultimate League (PUL): The past year has seen Kyal be a part of 2 league finals teams.

Kyal plays with passion and integrity at all times, he is an exciting player to watch. Treating himself like a true athlete, he is always motivating his team mates to improve and work hard around him. As a leader, coach and an athlete Kyal's strives to lead by example at all times on and off the pitch. His contribution to the teams he is part of is significant and is always a threat to the opposition team.



Shani Webb

Shani has been playing Ultimate for over 5 years now, and in this time has represented Australia twice. After playing with the Australian U24 Bluebottles, in London 2015 and winning a silver medal, she has excelled her game to be known for her aggressive defence and fantastic footwork.

2017 Australian Ultimate Championships (AUC): Shani played for KAOS Ultimate at the 2017 AUC, Shani had another great campaign, having a significant contribution to the teams success, finishing in 7th place. Shani won the Best Defensive player award as voted by her peers at their annual awards.

2017 Australian Beach Ultimate Championships (ABUC): Shani played in the team, Dugongs, who competed at the ABUC, finishing in 5th place.

2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Club Championships (AOUGCC): Shani was the co-captain of Sublime’s team in Manila at the AOUGCC. Shani was named as the MVP for the Sublime team, as voted by her peers at their annual awards.

2017 World Beach Ultimate Championships (WBUC): Shani was selected to represent Australia in the Women’s team, the Platypi, who competed in France at the WBUC. Shani continuously lead by example on and off the field with her intensity, the team finishing in 11th place overall.

2016 West Australian Beach Ultimate Championships: Shani played in the championship winning team at this event who went un-defeated to claim the 2016 state title.

2017 Western Regionals: Shani played with the championship winning team at this event who went un-defeated to claim the 2017 state title.

Shani plays with intensity and competitiveness at all times and is exciting to watch. Shani is always looking to work harder and become more motivated to play high level ultimate. Her contribution to the teams she is part of is significant always bringing fierce defence and calm offense.


 Kyal Oh

 Kyal is a passionate and energetic coach. His exceptional leadership skills on and off the field and his ability to provide an approachable environment for all he works with is commendable. Always open to feedback from his players, assistant coaches and head coaches, Kyal constantly works hard to become a better coach. His enthusiasm and willingness to always excel and develop his coaching skills further is inspirational to all who work with him.

In the past year Kyal has coached across various levels, his unique skill set allowed him to adapt to any level of play and to work with both genders in the area of player and team development.

Kyal has committed countless hours of his time to attend training sessions, organise games, develop his players and create personal bonds and team's cohesiveness. He possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills. This is consistently highlighted throughout his volunteer coaching roles, whilst working full time. His coaching experience is vast in the eight years he has been involved in the sport.

In the year 2017 alone Kyal coached with four different teams at various levels as a coach:

  • Sublime Ultimate Club - Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships, Tasmania 9th place.
  • Sublime Ultimate Club - Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Club Championships, Philippines 11th place.
  • West Australian U-22 Women’s Team, 2017 Australian Under-22 Ultimate Championships, 3rd place.
  • Australian Under-18 Men’s Team, 2017 Trans-Tasman Championships vs New Zealand.

Kyal has an outstanding ability to plan training content, set and track goals, plan and run drills, appropriate procedures to injury management and fitness aspects, efficient communication to players and support staff and can dedicate the time necessary to research and analyze styles and tactics of opponents in order to provide direction to the teams leadership groups.

Kyal has gained wide ranging experience, developing his knowledge and coaching skills in a unique way, giving him the ability to successfully engage with a diverse range of athletes and age groups, a well deserved winner of the WAFDA Coach of the Year.


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