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2018 WAFDA Award Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 WA Flying Disc Association Award Winners.

For the 2018 Edition, it was decided that the annual awards be delayed to our Special General Meeting on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 allowing our new Board to present the awards at the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

The Awards were voted upon by WA Ultimate general committee members and overseen by the Executive Committee; Oliver Berry (President), Kristofer Wright (Secretary), and Matthew Streatfield (Treasurer).

Without further ado the winners are:


2018 Club of the Year

Sublime Ultimate Club

Building on our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities from previous years of growing as a club, 2018 saw the Sublime Ultimate Club continue their relentless hard work toward their vision ‘To encourage and promote an inclusive ultimate community of excellence for all players in Western Australia.’

The Sublime Ultimate Club, in 2018, continued their expansion to becoming a Men's and a Mixed Club. We have put a lot of effort into our growth and improvement of the club as a whole, development of our individual players and general club involvement and inclusiveness. Our mission, ‘To provide a supportive platform for growth, spirit and competition while continuing to invest in the ultimate community.’Is upheld by our core values, which all of our paying membership must agree to, to be a part of the club.Competitiveness, Inclusiveness, Development and Achievement.

The Sublime Ultimate Club has been well represented among various competitions and events within Australia and internationally, among various teams and faces of the club. Expanding to a mixed club has allowed us to be a common fixture at multiple events throughout the Australian Ultimate Calendar as well as supporting local WA Ultimate events and welcome new members to our club.

The Sublime Ultimate Club endeavour to attend an international tournament as often as possible, offering this as a product to our members as an opportunity for team growth, club exposure and personal player developments. In 2018, the club entered a bid to attend the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC), as a mixed club, and attended an AFDA qualifying event in late 2017 missing out being accepted by 1 place.

The club was also represented at:

2017 World Ultimate Club Championship, Australian Qualifying Tournament – Fourth Place.

2018 WA Beach Ultimate Championships - First Place.

2018 Western Regionals – First Place.

2018 Sydney Melbourne Open – Fifth Place.

2018 Australian Ultimate Championships, Division two – Eighth Place.

2018 Australian Ultimate Championships, Division one – Eighth Place.

2018 WA Mixed Ultimate Championships - First Place.

2018 Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships, Division one – 12th Place.

The club was also represented via:

The 2018 World Under 24 Ultimate Championships; Australian Representative Teams; 3 players in the Men’s team, 2 players in the Mixed team and 1 player in the Women’s team.

The 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships; Australian Representative Teams; 1 player in the Men’s team and a head coach of the Men’s team.

The 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships; Club Representative Teams; 2 players competing in the Men’s Division.

This is a strong reflection of our hard work and endeavours as a club to provide a supportive environment and multiple opportunities for different playing platforms and high performance levels. These different playing opportunities that the club provides is our way of increasing our presence and image among the Australian and international Ultimate communities.

The Sublime Ultimate Club has managed to raise its profile through social media, a website, club events, fundraising and community events throughout 2018. We are a club that celebrates and broadcasts the achievements of our members. Our broadcasts project a vibrant and energetic image of our club with up to date photos and media.

The club website (sublime.waultimate.com) is updated and monitored regularly. It hosts latest news, celebrates successes, history of the club and a members only area. The members only area is exclusive to our 2018 season members, where they can access training programs, athlete development tools, coach development tools, Ultimate specific resources and more. This is part of increasing our offerings to our members and creating a stronger club environment to encourage player development.

In 2018 Sublime Ultimate Club had 66 active paid members. The Club is determined to grow this number in the future. In order to grow this number, The Committee is actively putting their efforts into offering tournaments, clinics, products and benefits which will entice ultimate players to join the club in 2019 and future years.

Our representative team's overall successes at their peak events are not always as successful as hoped as a club however; we still developed and improved on and off the field in our performance, behaviour and procedures.

The club worked collaboratively with external stakeholders to design a season fitness program which involved completing Ultimate based gym training. We worked effectively and healthily with the co-existing Men’s club in Perth, Bronze Bullseye, and existing Mixed club Disc Graceful Ultimate. The club welcomed several new club members and youth players who had not played with a Sublime team before.

The club was a key driver in the development of a new high performance league for male players in Perth. The Perth Men’s League was lead by Sublime member, Jason Carr, who collaborated with; Disc Graceful, Bullseye, UWA, Curtin, and Amplifier ultimate clubs to develop the new league. Sublime Ultimate Club was a key financial supporter in the success of this league which provided a new space for recruitment and high performance development.

The club’s committee is made up of 3 executive members and several general members, the 2017-18 financial year had 9 members a part of the committee and for the 2018-19 year, we now have 12 committee members including four female. These members meet on a regular basis to dedicate their time to provide resolutions, build for the future, and implement ideas toward the clubs direction.

The Sublime Ultimate Club sent members to the AFDA national conference to further develop their presence in the AFDA community and to gather knowledge to help build their club’s development and governance. The club’s governance has maintained its affiliation with the AFDA and the WAFDA, we have remained incorporated by updating our constitution in 2018 to meet the new requirements of the updated the rules to meet the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. The committee continue to provided support and promotion of Ultimate to the wider community through our fundraising and come and try events and attend regular WA Ultimate Events in support of the WAFDA.

Sublime Ultimate Club continues to invest the time, energy and proactive encouragement to keep the club moving forward. Our volunteers and members who run the club are being supported by securing various grants and fundraising. The club invest this money into up-skilling, training and rewarding our volunteers of the club. These members, who are well respected in the community, believe that the Sublime Ultimate Club is a well-deserved winner of this award, the 2018 WAFDA Club of the Year.




2018 Tournament of the Year

Skylab Classic - (Esperance Ultimate Club)

1. Well organised and run smoothly, from registration through to final presentations.
EUFC ran a smooth Hat tournament that empowered the clubs association objective,
-  To promote interest and growth in flying disc play
-  To actively promote a spirit of goodwill and friendship for all people involved in the activities of flying disc play.
-  To make the community and all governments aware of the benefits of flying disc play as an outdoor leisure activity and as a sport.
-  To do all things and acts conducive to the furtherance of the objects and interests of the association.
-  To continue affiliation to the state governing body, being the Western Australian Flying Disc Association Incorporated.
   “to promote interest and growth in flying disc play”,
EUFC ran a two day tournament “Skylab Classic” that was inclusive to all abilities. Registration was online and allowed for individuals to register. 
100 % of the surveys completed stated that the tournament provided sufficient information regarding the tournament format and social event. 
Three social events occurred that weekend:
 -  Welcome drink at the Loose Goose on Friday night
 -  EUFC inaugural fundraising Quiz night to support under 18 players on Saturday night
 -  Wind up drink and nibbles at Taylor Street Quarters on Sunday night. 
2. Everyone had a good time.
From our post surveys completed, 71.4% rated the event was excellent and the other 28.6% stated the event was very good.
3. Good quality fields and location.
EUFC rated the fields really adequate. there were no divots due to sprinklers, lines were painted and the club had extra space to accommodate an extra field if number allowed for six teams. 
The grass and drain do not come close to John XXIII college, but it didn’t rain so we were happy. 
4.  Good field facilities, like water, toilets, change-rooms, spectator areas.
EUFC chooses the Esperance Greater Sports Ground (GSG) because they are wide and adequate to accomodate Kanjam, Disc golf and Ultimate competition. 
EUFC hits the multi sports pavilion to accommodate the needs for toilets, shelter and teared presentation for the finals of Kanjam and presentation. 
5. Catering.
EUFC supplied snacks for both day and supported local business Aurelia's Ice Creamery and Cafe to cater for lunch during the hat tournament.
6. Good communications to teams.
95.2% of the surveys completed stated that they were briefed with enough information regarding each event. 
7.  Efforts of TD(s).
EUFC had four tournament directors, all with specific roles, either tournament or social venture. 
All four were available to discuss issues, accommodate for change and allowed flexibility when required.
8. Participation of local Ultimate community.
56 players took part in the two day event, the clubs highest turnout ever thus far. 
24 players travelled from Perth, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie to take part.
Leaving 32 local players who participated in the event.  
9. Value for money.
There is no other tournament we have seen where you pay $30 for two days of Flying disc sports and get a FREE disc, lunch provided on Sunday and insurance covered. This is the most "value for money" tournament in WA.
10. Size of event does not matter.
Size does not matter, only 56 players attended, however all of them had an enjoyable time and got to meet new people who enjoy throwing a frisbee around. 
Over 80% stated they were like to come back and participate next year. 




2018 Administrator of the Year

Jason Carr (Sublime Ultimate Club)

Jason Carr is an ex-president of the Sublime Ultimate Club from 2013-2015 and after stepping back has returned to the club as a general committee member in 2018.  Jason has been a part of the Sublime Ultimate Club since 2006 and has contributed to the club greatly in this time. Proving his commitment to the club and the value he brings to the members, Jason was responsible for the key planning, developing and delivery of the first ever Perth Men’s Ultimate League in 2018.

Jason’s determination was to build a league with genuine buy in from key stakeholders in order to ensure that it is a success, as opposed to dictating a structure and have the league fail. As well as to provide a space for elite men’s ultimate to develop in Perth and thus, improving WA’s representative level of performance on the national stage.

The Perth Men’s League purpose:

  • Provide an additional opportunity for competitive ultimate outside of the current single gender Nationals season.
  • Provide an environment for player development (i.e. individual skills and game sense, overall player depth) with the ultimate aim of increasing the competitiveness of all WA's men’s teams at all Nationals events.
  • Provide a useful preparation for single gender teams attending Australian University Games (or possible future university nationals competitions) or other single gender tournaments.

Jason identified key foundation teams as well as other potential teams to ensure a reasonable standard and initial viability of the league. He also identified some preliminary expectations from each team and league inclusions for value as well and two different league structures.

A driving part of this league was a recruitment strategy to provide opportunities for new players to play single gender ultimate, in line with the development ethos of the league. Along with providing coaching and playing resources to less experienced teams.

The league also included a Social Element to further establish personal and inter-team relationships through post-fixture gatherings. With collaboration, Jason designed two league structures to be run and evaluated, for maximum buy in and success.

  • League 1: Held on a fortnightly basis, which included multiple full length games on the one day.
  • League 2: Held on a weekly basis at the same location and at the same time.

Both leagues allowed for a double round robin plus finals competition. The leagues also accommodated time existing teams (AUG teams and U22 State teams) and allowed for university breaks and potential player absences through other national competition dates.

Although the league formed to be a collaborative effort between Multiple clubs and stakeholders, Jason was the key member in delivery and development of this program and took it upon himself to create the idea as well as organise multiple aspects including;

  • Insurance policy
  • Budget management
  • Venue hire
  • Club/team engagement and buy in
  • Planning meetings
  • Logistics and bookings
  • Fixtures and schedules
  • Finals and awards
  • Social events
  • Evaluation and survey of the leagues success

As well as the successful delivery of the Perth Men’s League Jason was active on the Sublime Committee assisting with;

  • Contributing to the Sublime Ultimate Clubs vision, mission, values and its operations including sending teams to major events.
  • Building a diverse range of people to be involved on the committee to get a wider coverage of views and perspectives across the WA ultimate community.
  • Assisted the committee in running of fundraising events.
  • Volunteering as head coach of the 2018 Sublime AUC Team.

Jason undertook all of this whilst working fulltime and also having a considerable workload contributing to the on field performance of the Sublime Division 1 Nationals Team, as coach of this team.

His commitment to the Sublime Ultimate Club, the effort he puts in, and his proactive foresight is invaluable to the club as a volunteer, a well-deserved winner of the WAFDA Administrator of the Year Award.




2017 Team of the Year

Kaos WUCC 

 Growth and improvement of the team as a whole:

In 2018 the Kaos WUCC team competed at Western Regionals (1st and Spirit), AUC Division 1 (5th), Bunbury’s Groovin the Moo tournament (4th) and the World Ultimate Club Championships (35th and 2nd in Spirit). Over the span of the four tournaments the team increased in both cohesion, strategic execution and individual skill level. By the time we reached Ohio we were able to have competitive games in every game of the tournament, our largest losing margin being 15-4 down to Riot – the eventual tournament winners. We credit this growth and improvement across the team to mantras that emphasised confidence and growth mindset including “Brave not perfect” referring to an aggressive risk-taking assessment and acceptance of failure as part of the learning process, and “Big dog” – referring to each player respecting themselves as elite world class athletes.

• Development of individual players:

Our focus for this team was ensuring that, as a pay to play sporting team, all players felt valued and utilised at the end of the campaign. Individual player development was supported through regular individual feedback, elite technical coaching, encouragement to try new things and opportunities to play new strategies against the best teams in the world. In addition to our player development we also offered a development coach role to Neka Elliott – a relatively young and inexperienced player who was sidelined due to an ACL injury. Neka’s growth in knowledge and confidence as a result of this campaign was evident and appreciated by the whole. Neka has since gone on to be selected for the 2019 Australian u24 Ultimate team – the Stingrays.

• Players enjoyed being on the team: 

All players gave positive feedback about their involvement in the campaign and tournament. We have continued a very high retention rate from our Kaos division 1 teams.

• Uniforms/team identity: 

Kaos has a recognisable uniform and logo which has been constant through our nearly ten-year history. Our current uniform encompasses our club history in the favourite sayings and slogans printed around the hemline, Aboriginal culture in the dotted background design and the club butterfly logo. We have made a point of sharing our club values and history with new players and our community here https://kaosultimate.com/2017/03/08/we-are-all-a-part-of-something-bigger/. We also have a tradition of "travel shorts" for international tournaments that reflect the country we are playing in. For WUCC in Ohio we opted for a more professional look than some of our previous travel editions, with Perth, Western Australia and a kangaroo paw design featuring prominently.

• Spirit shown on the field:

The team placed 2nd in Spirit scores at WUCC. The team was proactive in preparing to demonstrate good spirit in each game and reflective of our own performance at the end of each day. The most notable strategy was making an effort to learn 3 words/phrases in our opposition’s native language – words for hello, sorry and sick play! The team ended up learning these in Japanese, German, Finnish, Spanish and Mandarin.

• The majority of players on the team must come from the WA Ultimate community:

20/23 players on the roster were Perth based players and regular Kaos and WA Ultimate community members. Of the non-Perth based contingent, Beth Daviess (USA) has previously lived in Perth and represented Kaos, Jamie Sng (Singapore) has also previously lived and played ultimate in Perth. Only Helen Epstein (Sydney) was new to the club with no previous connection to Perth.

Kaos Ultimate Club is very proud of the WUCC team's efforts and believe they are worthy contenders for the WA Ultimate Team of the Year Award for 2018.




2018 Coach of the Year

Kyal Oh




2018 Female Player of the Year

Annie Jessop


Annie has been playing Ultimate for 8 years now, and in this time has represented Australia three times, playing with the Australian U20 Terra in Ireland 2012 followed by the Australian U24 Stingrays, in Toronto 2013 and in London 2015. She has excelled her game through many levels to be known for her speedy footwork and piercing offense.

2017 & 2018 Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships (AMUC):

Annie played and co-captained the Sublime Ultimate Club at the 2017 and 2018 AMUC, having a significant contribution to the teams success in both campaigns. Annie won the Most Valuable Player award as voted by her peers at their annual awards in both 2017 and 2018 (back-to-back!)

In 2017 Annie finished equal 2nd for overall tournament female MVP and in 2018 finished in 6th place for overall tournament female MVP.

Other Events & West Australian Tournaments:

2017 World Ultimate Club Championships AFDA Qualifier: Annie played with Sublime Ultimate Club in their attempt to secure a bid at the 2018 WUCC.

2018 West Australian Beach Ultimate Championships.

2018 Indoor Ultimate Championships.

2018 Phoenix Has Risen.

Annie played with the championship winning teams at these above events, who went un-defeated to claim the 2018 state titles.

Annie received an invite to the 2018 AFDA High Performance National Player Camp, a development opportunity in the lead up to the 2019 and 2020 Senior Australian Teams programs and campaigns.

Annie plays at a consistent high level with intensity and competitiveness at all times and is exciting to watch, she fosters the spirit of the game and promotes gender equality when she is within a team. Annie is always looking to work harder and become more motivated to play high level ultimate. Her contribution to the teams she is part of is significant, bringing fierce defense and calm offense, is always a threat to the opposition team.



2018 Male Player of the Year

Daniel Chang (Sublime Ultimate Club)

Daniel’s first year playing with the Sublime Ultimate Club was in 2015. Winning the Division 2 team Most Improved Player award, at the clubs annual awards. Daniel continued to work on his playing ability and in 2016 was selected on the Sublime team to compete at the Division 1 Australian Ultimate Championships. Daniel was again recognised as the Most Improved Player, this time for the division one team. 2018 was no different as he continued to develop his understanding of the game and performance on the field.

Daniel also contributes a lot of his time to the development of his Perth based club, Disc Graceful. He is the creator, the leader, the president, the coach and the captain of this club who compete regularly in Perth tournaments and more recently on the national stage. While Daniels game has progressed he has been sure to give back to the community along the way, sharing his personal playing experiences to further develop his team mates with information to the players he coaches and competes with.

Daniel has competed at the following events in 2018:

  • 2018 Western Regionals
  • 2018 Sydney Melbourne Open
  • 2018 Australian Ultimate Championships (AUC)
  • 2018 Perth-All Stars Singapore Tour
  • 2018 Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships Division 2 (AMUC)
  • 2018 West Australian Beach Ultimate Championships
  • 2018 Indoor Ultimate Championships
  • 2018 Perth Men’s League
  • Various Perth Ultimate Leagues (PUL)

Daniel received an invite to the 2018 AFDA High Performance National Player Camp, a development opportunity in the lead up to the 2019 and 2020 Senior Australian Teams programs and campaigns.

Daniels commitment on and off the field between multiple teams and clubs proves what a great player and person that he is and is a well-deserved winner of the WAFDA player of the year.




2018 Female Youth of the Year

Eilish Warnock




2018 Male Youth of the Year

Tyson Davies




2018 Outstanding Service Award

Sarah Brereton


Sarah has served on the Kaos Ultimate Executive Committee, fundamental part of its development and growth since its inception in 2009. Sarah has an immense passion for the sport and fosters a strong spirit of the game, directly responsible for leading Kaos to second place in Spirit at WUCC. Sarah helps all players, elite to beginner stepping into any need that her club or the wider Ultimate community needs, including facilitating an entry level spring women’s league on top of coaching multiple elite teams, even single-handedly chopping up 20kg of onions for a bbq fundraiser.


Previous years award winners can be found here in the WAFDA hall of fame.

If you have any questions about the WAFDA awards, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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