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Welcome to WA Ultimate

This site contains information to help you find out more about everything Ultimate in Western Australia. You can read about the Association, how to get a membership number and where you can play the fastest growing sport world wide!

WA Ultimate - Latest News

New WFDF Rules Appendix Released

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has released a new version of the Appendix to the Rules of Ultimate 2017. The new version came into effect as of 1 January 2020.

These rules will be used for all WFDF and AFDA Ultimate Events in 2020. 

These are the main changes for version 4.0 that the WAFDA will implement locally (leagues and tournaments):

  • Change the name of the "Men's" Division to the "Open" Division (D3. Player Eligibility – Gender)
  • Changes to offside penalties (A6. Offside)
  • New hand signals for "4 Men" and "4 Women" (download diagrams and see #19 & #20)
  • New hand signals for Stoppage (Technical/Injury) (download diagram and see #18)
  • Guidance on how to deal with dangerous plays (B8. Foul and Violation Calls)
  • Changes to receiving fouls for contact that occurs after a block (A7. Receiving Fouls)

The new appendix can be downloaded here.

Download the new hand signals here.

Watch Chair of the WFDF Ultimate Rules Sub-Committee, Rueben Berg, explain the new 2020 Appendix rules on receiving fouls here:


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