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Welcome to WA Ultimate

This site contains information to help you find out more about everything Ultimate in Western Australia. You can read about the Association, how to get a membership number and where you can play the fastest growing sport world wide!

WA Ultimate - Latest News

Phoenix Has Risen - Wrap Up 2017

Phoenix Has Risen 2017 has once again come and gone, with one of the best played finals we've seen in recent years.
Congratulations to Sublime who took home the championship title over Sublime Ultimate Club. Little Ray of Sunshine came away with the bronze with a win over Disc Graceful and Sublime were named Spirit of the Game Winners.

Once again we saw the return of Bunbury Ultimate's "Butter Monkeys", who displayed some of their best ultimate so far, but unfortunately no Esperance or Broome this year.

Our MVPs were: Alicia Lim (Bullisko) and Aiden Deering (Curtinnn). This year we kept statistics (Goals and Assists) the winners were: Leighton Cotter (assists, Bullisko) and Ebony Taylor (Goals, Sublime).

A total of 140 players across the 10 teams competed over the weekend as it returned to the Perth metropolitan area, after last years appareance in the City of Mandurah.

A Special thanks to Rubixwear for donating our MVP, Stat Winner prizes and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the amazing staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly in the lead up and during the event. The championship also included our Game Advisors; Steve Baker & Kristofer Wright who did a fantastic job.

Kirsten Chick & Renae Chick have been the WA Ultimate Volunteers as the Event Coordinators but will be stepping down from the role after providing another fantastic event. If you're interested in helping run these WA Ultimate events, you can find out more and apply via our volunteers page.

Candace Lines, who volunteers as our Volunteers coordinator, also took this opportunity to award some Ultimate Legends. These awards cannot be purchased, only earned! Each recipient is publicly acknowledged their outstanding efforts and presented to the community as an Ultimate Legend. Congratulations to Sarah Rice, Bennett Carpenter and Nathan Barnden for their recognition as an Ultimate Legend.

All the results from the event can be found here.

All the photos from the event can be found here.

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